Phillip Faber

Phillip Faber

Phillip Faber is one of Denmark’s foremost conductors, composers, arrangers and musical personalities. As well as working with the country’s leading professional ensembles he is known throughout the country as former host of the daily Fællessang broadcasts and The Classical Music Quiz on Danish state television, in addition to his capacity as chief conductor of the Danish National Girls’ Choir.

With a background in theatre and music, Phillip studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm. He has been a guest conductor of Ensemble MidtVest and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra and regularly conducts the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Odense Symphony Orchestra, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Danish National Vocal Ensemble.

Phillip’s work with the Danish National Girls’ Choir has had a marked effect on the ensemble’s sound and expression and on its standing in national life. He has pioneered new collaborations with the ensemble and made a series of acclaimed recordings with it as well as broadcasting with the choir regularly on television. In 2022 Phillip led the Odense Symphony Orchestra, soloists and choirs from across South Denmark and Funen in a universally acclaimed performance of Mozart’s Requiem at the Odense Concert Hall.

Phillip’s work as a composer includes film and television scores, choral works and opera for children. In 2020 his book Den Danske Sang (‘The Danish Song Tradition’) was published, with co-author Rikke Hyldgaard. Phillip is a recipient of Arne Hammelboe's memorial grant from the Danish Orchestra Association and in 2020 received both the Niels Grundtvig Prize and the honorary prize of the Danish Soloists’s Society. He was knighted by the Queen of Denmark in 2022.

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